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Vertigo Treatment In Marysville

Vertigo Treatment in Marysville

Vertigo is a common problem that has affected millions of people in the United States alone and Health First Chiropractic has been helping people in Snohomish, King, Skagit, and Pierce county suffering from vertigo for over 26 years. 

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What is Vertigo?  Vertigo is defined as a sensation of rotation or movement of one's self or of one's surroundings in any plane. The term is sometimes used erroneously as a synonym for dizziness. Vertigo may result from diseases of the inner ear or may be due to disturbances of the vestibular centrs or pathways in the central nervous system.

When causes such as infection, physical obstruction, otolith crystal displacement, etc have been ruled out as the cause of vertigo, or treatment for these problems has been limited, there may be another cause for the vertigo.

A neurological reason for vertigo can come from a problem with the vestibular nerve.  The vestibular nerve’s function is, “the part of the auditory nerve in the inner ear that carries sensory information related to body equilibrium.”  Essentially the vestibular nerve helps keep you orientated in space and keeps you in balance while moving.  A problem with this nerve can result in vertigo. 

Your upper cervical (neck) spine has a very close relationship with the vestibular nerve and a misalignment in this area can result into abnormal functioning of this nerve.  Often times accidents and injuries occur which create improper movement in the upper neck and if left uncorrected over time can result in improper function of the vestibular nerve.

Natural treatment for Vertigo

Health First Chiropractic in Marysville has helped many people with vertigo over the past 12 years through using the Blair Upper Cervical technique.  This specific type of care begins with a detailed examination to determine whether or not there is a problem with the upper neck.  Once the problem is established a detailed series of x-rays are taken in order to determine how to make a gentle correction without any twisting or cracking of the spine.

If you or anyone you know is suffering from Vertigo and would like a natural alternative towards treatment have them call Dr. Robert Clarke at  360-658-1987 for a consultation to determine if he can help.


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