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Whiplash is a well-known type of auto accident injury, but did you know that you can get it from other types of events, too? We at Health First Chiropractic in Marysville, WA want everyone to know what to look out for so that they do not miss out on treatments that can save them from the pain and disability associated with this condition. With that in mind, here are some facts about whiplash.

Woman suffering from whiplash
What is Whiplash?

This is a condition that results when the head is forcibly thrown forward and back. During this process, the tendons, ligaments, and muscles in the neck are overextended. This results in painful strains and sprains. Often, the cervical vertebrae (the vertebrae of the neck) are yanked out of alignment as well, and in extreme cases, the discs in this area can be overly compressed and even herniate. All of these problems result in pain and stiffness, and in some cases, can cause nerve-related problems in the neck, shoulders, arms, and wrists.

Whiplash is commonly associated with auto accidents because they routinely generate enough force to cause it. However, anything that makes the head violently whip forward and back will cause the same damage. This can be the result of another kind of accident, a punch, or even forcibly rocking one’s head back and forth.

Why Whiplash Needs to be Treated Immediately

Like any other injury, whiplash responds best when it is treated right away. This way, the body doesn't have a chance for improper healing to set in. Improper healing results from things like misaligned vertebrae that the body would have to try to "work around," muscle guarding, bad postural adaptations, and other such things.

All of these occur without treatment because you unconsciously position yourself in a way that reduces immediate pain – at the cost of adopting a posture that is harmful in the long run. Quickly getting chiropractic care in Marysville lets you avoid these problems.

How a Chiropractor Can Help

Our Marysville chiropractor will examine your neck for spinal problems like misaligned vertebrae and bulging discs. This will include checking for signs of nerve impingement, such as pain or odd sensations in your shoulders and arms. If any of these problems are found, treatments are started to bring everything back into line. For soft tissue damage, corrective stretches and exercises may be ordered. These will help alleviate pain and help prevent long-term stiffness.

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If you have whiplash, or have been in an event likely to have caused it, schedule an appointment for an evaluation with our chiropractor at Health First Chiropractic Marysville in Marysville, WA today. We'll be glad to help you avoid the pain and disability of untreated whiplash.



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