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Headache and Migraine Treatment from Our Marysville Chiropractor

Is the pain in your head placing your entire life on hold? Headache symptoms can make everyday tasks out of the question, including not just your job also a variety of favorite activities -- even getting a decent night's sleep may seem impossible. Whether you're struggling with chronic tension headaches are incapacitated by recurring migraine attacks, you should know that there are treatment options that offer greater safety and effectiveness than drugs. You'll find those solutions right here at Health First Chiropractic Marysville.

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The Debilitating World of Headaches

Headaches may take various forms and attack individuals for different reasons. By far the most common headaches are the type known as tension headaches. These headaches are aptly named because they stem from tension in the muscles of the neck. (Emotional stress, an upper cervical misalignment, or poor posture can all be contributing factors.) If these muscles go into spasm, they can pull on highly sensitive membranes that send pain signals to the head.

As bad as tension headaches are, migraine headaches can be even worse. These brutal headaches actually cause a host of other symptoms as well, from vision changes and light or sound sensitivity to nausea, lightheadedness and fainting spells. It appears that neurotransmitter imbalances may signal changes in the cranial blood vessels to produce these dramatic symptoms. Physical tension and emotional stress can set off migraine attacks -- but so can specific foods, smells, weather conditions, hormonal changes and other triggers.

Our Marysville Chiropractor Offers Relief Without Drugs

If you've been trying to medicate your headaches or migraines away, you know that this strategy yields only mild, temporary relief at best. Our Marysville chiropractor, Dr. Clarke, goes further by treating the underlying causes and triggers of your symptoms. For instance, if you're suffering from recurring tension headaches due to a cervical spinal misalignment, we can use an adjustment method known as the Blair Upper Cervical Technique to correct that misalignment. Once your neck and head are back in balance, you'll be less prone to the muscle tension that causes these headaches.

Cervical spinal adjustments can also relieve the tension that triggers some people's migraines, while also improving the body's overall nerve signaling and function. Research has shown that chiropractic care can make the pain, vision issues, light sensitivity, nausea and other migraine symptoms both less severe and less frequent. Since there are no worries about side effects or drug interactions, we can safely use these techniques for ongoing pain management.

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